How to buy a domain name from HostGator.

  1. HostGator:

HostGator is the top inexpensive option for starting a website, blog, or online business. See how it stacks up to other web hosts using my detailed HostGator Review.

If you wish to use HostGator as your choice of web hosting, then we will start as usual.  I will be a little bit brief with this one.

You start by searching for the original HostGator website on the Google search tab by typing or selecting “HostGator.com” from the Google search listing results.

On the HostGator Home page, you click on the “Get Started” button. You will be taken to the web hosting plans. You will have to choose the web hosting plan of your choice.

If you are a small business with just a single website, then I highly recommend the “Hatchling plans”.

I will later outline, the differences among the web hosting plans.

In the next step after selecting the web hosting plan of your choice by clicking the “Buy now” button. You will be taken to the page where you will enter the domain you want for your website and some other information to set up your website like ;

  • Enter the Domain you want for your business in case you are registering a new Domain. Here, there are two options “Register New Domain” and “Already have a Domain”. If you already have a Domain, you simply enter the Domain and move to the next step.
  • Choose a Hosting plan. Here you already choose a Host plan for your website but if you wish to change, then click on the scroll down arrow of the already chosen web Hosting plan. The list of web Hosting plans will appear for you to make the change.
  • Creating a HostGator account. This is where your website configuration starts.
  • Enter your billing information and card details.
  • Section 5 is a series of additional services for your website. These are important services that help protect your visitor’s data and build confidence in your website, back up your work, secures your site against hackers, and Increase your search rankings thereby bringing more visitors to your website.

These services are very important to your business but you do not necessarily need them right away. For there are free WordPress plugins that can replace these services for now and save you some cash. You can buy the paid services later.

  • Section 6 is the Coupon Code tab. This Code is to make a discount on the total bill.
  • Section 7 is the Review Order Details for everything you are about to purchase.

Lastly is a check box that has to be checked as an agreement to the HostGator terms which I highly advise you to read through the terms before checking. Then click the “Checkout Now” button.

An Email will be sent to your email confirming your purchase to the Hostgator platform.

Below I shall write about the steps to set up a website using the above-paid hosting companies.


HostGator Pros and Cons:


Money-back guarantee: Many web hosting companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. HostGator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. The length of HostGator’s money-back guarantee is longer than most of the other companies in the same industry by 15 days.

Free migration: If you’re moving your website to HostGator from another host, their experts will do it for you for free with your new account. That is during the first 30 days of transferring to HostGator, you’ll be able to migrate your current website for free.

Reliable: If your website, hosted by HostGator, experiences downtime of less than 99.99%, then you will receive a monthly credit back.



Aggressive selling: When you sign up for a service, they usually pre-select some other services you might not actually need. If you want to opt out of pre-selected add-ons, you need to uncheck them.


HostGator’s Performance:

It’s no mystery that one of the most important elements to a successful hosting business is providing good performance for your customers. Even if you have great prices, reliable service, or the best support, no-host can stay in business if there are constant complaints of slow loading speeds. As an example, back in 2008 HostGator had some major speed issues and ended up losing over 10,000 domains within a single day.

HostGator Hosting Plans:

There are 4 main hosting plans which are;

Shared hosting: This is the most economical hosting to start a website. It is highly recommended for small businesses wanting to start with an online presence of one website.

VPS hosting: This package contains some advantages and Softwares that are not available in the Shared hosting plan. This hosting plan is recommended to Advanced users, for example, people with multiple websites. These people need special management software to install on their websites. This hosting plan gives admin access to its own operating system installation in a virtualized Interface.

Dedicated servers: As I explained in the previous hostings above, this server is owned by one person only but can be shared with others.

For more Clarity on the word “Server”, as I just used in this article, a server is a system unit that stores information or data of a website and the server makes the data accessible for everyone visiting your website.

HostGator Support and Customer Service:

Hostgator is available 24/7. They are ready to help or assist anyone who has an issue with their service or even having an issue with directions. If you have a technical issue on their website, you just need to submit the problem and be patient for a reply. At times, it may take some time for the problem to be solved.

Hostgator has live chat support that responds to you instantly at any time of the day.

If you like this web hosting, then click the images or any highlighted word in the content to buy your own domain name.

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